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Payroll Outsourcing

This service includes comprehensive payroll processing, including specialist consultations in accordance with a client’s individual needs.

What is payroll outsourcing about?

Payroll outsourcing, or external payroll processing, is a service where comprehensive payroll work is done by an external contractor such as ASB, which accepts responsibility for the payroll being prepared in accordance with local labour legislation.

What added value do you offer clients with this service?

Our regularly trained experts, who have long-term experience with payroll in accordance with valid local regulations, are able to flexibly react to the client’s requirements in this area, offer assistance in the field of human resources and report the latest legislative amendments as well as their impact on the client’s business. In addition to payroll processing, ASB offers other services - tax and legal advisory and accounting, which clients very often need in connection with payroll.

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This service includes

  • Comprehensive processing of payroll
  • Handling inspections and representation before the relevant authorities
  • Ongoing communication with the authorities, employees and authorised persons
  • Preparation of payroll reports, tax returns, annual statements of account, record sheets and other requested documents
  • Payment of salaries, taxes and contributions to social insurance, and sending payment orders
  • Preparation of reports in the form requested by the client
  • Hotline for employees
  • Optional remote access to payroll software
Senior Payroll Specialist
Anna Lewińska

“The client’s needs are decisive for our work.”